2018 Annual review

The investment divisions

Interview with Christophe Baviere, CEO & founding partner of idinvest

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Inside IdInvest’s Team

101 employees, including five abroad (Germany, Shanghai and Madrid) boasting extensive sector expertise and specific investment techniques. 20 employees were hired in 2018.

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Focus on

Damae Medical, specialist in medical imaging to screen for skin cancer

Anaïs Barut, CEO, presents this innovative healthcare company in three key figures. The project allows real advances in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. This start-up offers hope in the fight against cancer with a more accessible and more reliable early diagnosis.

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Portfolio companies

A diversified portfolio of high-potential companies

Idinvest finances Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Europe to support their growth. Since its creation in 1997, Idinvest has financed over 3,500 European companies.

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Support the needs of all companies

With €8 billion in assets under management, Idinvest Partners is a recognized mid-market Private Equity player in Europe. Idinvest Partners has developed extensive complementary expertise in venture and growth capital for innovative European start-ups; in mid-market private debt (unitranche, senior loans and subordinated financing); in primary and secondary investments in unlisted European companies; and in Private Equity consulting activities.